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Health and Fitness Training

One-to-One Personal Training
If you are unsure on your goal or feel confused on where to begin your focus then our one-to-one sessions can be formulated to incorporate a range of different aspects of physical training such as flexibility, balance, functional strength as well as core, spinal and postural training brought together for a fully personalised and physically rejuvenating training session.

If you have your goal in mind, then great! Whether it be something generalised such as strength, endurance or just trimming down some excess body weight or something much more specific such as sports based mobility, flexibility or functional fitness training, our one-to-one sessions offer the perfect opportunity to really focus on improving your overall physical health and wellbeing.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Training
Similarly to our standard sessions, you will work through a range of physically focused activities, all of which will of course vary depending on what is necessary for you. Furthermore, our Injury Recovery sessions will contain a direct focus on working around and rehabilitating any previous or recurring injury or other physical issue that you have been dealing with. Working in a way that not only helps to strengthen around the injury to make the recurrence less probable, but also improving the other physical aspects of your health to help build a resilience against further injuries such as joint pain or the overstretching of muscles, ligaments or tendons.

Group Training
Very much like our one-to-one sessions, however with the opportunity to work with family members, friends or anyone else you would love to tag alongside during your sessions. With a maximum of 3 people per session, working out alongside people who you know and connect with well can really help to keep you focused, driven and motivated not only during your sessions, but afterwards when you’re going throughout the rest of your day.


Mental Wellbeing

It’s well understood that there is a direct link between the practice of meditation and a person’s psychological health state. We all understand that meditation helps us deal with and ease away from stress, we understand it promotes awareness and that it’s a perfect tool for self-discovery but just as much as we all know it’s helpful to eat well or exercise, actually executing such ideas aren’t always as simple as they sound.

For those who suffer with forms of mental health, the initial approach to meditation can sound almost stupidly simplistic and useless at first glance, but that’s often due to the fact that most people aren’t aware on what their looking for or how to know if they’re doing anything right.

Throughout our Mental Wellbeing meditation sessions, not only will you be understanding and discovering the answers to these questions rapidly with ease, but you’ll also be guided safely and supported into the seemingly frightful depths of your own conscious and subconscious mind.

The focus of mindfulness is to bring a state of peace and clarity to the mind. To understand the mind and thoughts in a new outlook for the purpose of self-empowerment alongside many other benefits. Mindfulness opens up opportunity for an individual to take back control of each and every aspect of their lives in many ways.

Through mindfulness, it soon becomes apparent where the control of our thoughts and emotions reside, and how we no longer need to become victim to and react to the ways of others unless we choose to and has been repeatedly proven to be of fantastic benefits to those with anxiety, depression and other psychological issues. Throughout sessions you will learn to observe rather than associate with and react to your thoughts which you will come to learn, if you can choose thoughts more deliberately, you can refocus your life in a whole new way.

Emotional (Trauma) Healing
Many of us today are walking around with extensive amounts of emotional baggage from our past. Carrying memories of our unpleasant childhood, grievance, bullying, loss, abuse and many other unpleasant experiences with us every single day, letting the habitual patterns control our emotions and also our health without even knowing how or why. If you’ve ever found that life tends to go in cycles, often taking you back to certain headspaces you thought you left behind, this is why.

Designed specifically for those suffering with anxiety, depression, PTSD and those suffering with loss, despair and other emotional traumas, as well as those experiencing recurring emotional triggers that have not yet been recognised; our Emotional Healing Ceremonies are designed to help you break free from whatever psychological and emotional bondage you unknowingly have kept hold of and brought with you through life, often expressing itself as anxiety, fear, paranoia, self-destructive habits and even psychological dissociation.

Spiritual Healing
Whether we hold much awareness to it or not, our spiritual health is a highly important part of our overall health and wellbeing. Understanding that we all have spirit at the core of us, a force that is life; awareness of our own existence, it’s important that we align the way we live and behave in a way that promotes the wellbeing of such.

Known to bring about sensations of reverence and bliss; by undergoing a energetic clearance from the body, mind and heart; a new perspective and personal view of self and of life, it is no doubt that huge benefits are seen to come about rapidly to individuals who embark on a spiritual healing experience of any sorts. Cleansing the body of stagnant energy, clearing and aligning the chakras, releasing emotional wounds and developing interpersonal-spiritual communication are all common experiences of Spiritual Healing sessions.


Coaching / Consultations

Personal Development
Through my own life experiences, I’ve managed to transform not just one, but many seemingly separate aspects of my life and my identity from one extreme to the other and I soon came to understand that there was a very obvious theoretical philosophy apparent throughout them all.

If you’ve found yourself slowly decomposing away at life, feeling victimised or merely just trudging through the habitual cycles, day after day, playing out the same thoughts, scenarios and experiences, continually in a depressing and seemingly never ending loop which you’ve finally had enough of then I welcome you to the opportunity to developing your spiritual guidance system and to personally realise and implement this same philosophy.

Nutritional Coaching
It’s important to realise that what we eat and how we treat our bodies is ultimately the health state that will be physically reflected back to us and not just in body image, but in our heart, lung, brain and in the health of all our other organs as well. In fact food-related diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, osteomalacia, cases of depression and diabetes are some of the leading causes of deaths in almost every country that has adopted the western world’s consumer-based nutritional lifestyle.

Luckily, maintaining good health through a solid, reliable and most importantly enjoyable eating lifestyle is nowhere near as existentially difficult as it’s been made out to be. Brush away all the nonsense and it runs down to some very key important principles and once you know them, you can apply them to your own nutrition straight away, as well as that of friends, family and relatives who wish to improve their wellbeing.

Psychological Health
Acting more so as a complimentary support system rather than a primary one; over time it’s become highly apparent to me that having the opportunity to discuss and share mental health experiences, to ask questions and to formulate an understanding with someone who actually has real life experiences within the topics as well as having worked alongside others to help promote psychological wellbeing as opposed to just the latter can be highly beneficial towards a persons recovery.

Having faced my own extent of psychological health issues throughout my adolescent and teenage years and ultimately working on them myself until not only am I void of the symptoms in which used to plague my life but also with a depth of understanding to be able to share new possibilities with others for their own personal benefit and recovery.

Vitality Health Analysis
Unsure on where to start, what direction to go or whether you’re even ready to begin your journey? Don’t sweat it. Our Vitality Health Analysis really gives you the opportunity to leave the hard work, the confusion and the stress with us. The analysis is designed to make the entire process as simple and as swift as it can possibly be.

Through an initial consultation, some short health questionnaires and the opportunity for you to get to know your coach and connect on a personal level, together the aim is to uncover what’s most important to you and the very best places for you to begin working on. You’ll even get your very own bespoke care plan designed for you!