Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! If you are completely new to any of the services you choose to endeavour, you have the perfect opportunity to learn and develop skills quickly.

Sessions can either be held in your home, in preferred outside location or at a rented facility (*extra fees may apply).

A minimum safe zone of 8ft in width, length and height is required, risk assessment will need to be done prior to any active services taking place. No equipment is required, I will bring everything necessary although a yoga mat is advised for personal comfort.

You can book sessions via the ‘Book a Session’ tab located on our menu or by contacting directly via phone or email.

Contact details can be found here

We have multiple options for payments, we accept all major credit and debit cards via Stripe and PayPal, or cash can be paid on the day of, or prior to the session.

Unfortunately we do not have this option available just yet, although it will be available soon in the coming future.

We currently have a generalised Online Life Coaching service available which is a means to work through a range of topics or problems an individual wishes to work on.

Our services are best suited for any individual wishing to improve upon and take good care of their physical, mental and emotional health, to rid difficulty or disease or to learn more about how to live a happier, healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.

If you are able to get in contact with 24 hours prior to the session, we can cancel for you and return any payments that have been made towards sessions you are unable to attend. Failure to be in touch within 24 hours prior will lead to session charges remaining and no refund being given. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but we trust you understand.