So what does a 20 year old have to offer you about transforming yourself, your life or the way you live?
At first glance, probably not a lot.

What does a miserably unwell, drug addicted, psychiatric patient with irreversible and degenerative psychological health issues, serious physical conditions and emotional trauma have to tell you about transforming your life? Probably still nothing.

What if they deliberately managed to transcend their lack of health, their disorderly psychology, their deepest fears and their addiction to live the energised, uplifting and revitalising life of personal success, freedom, peace and happiness; travelling the world, doing what they love and living the life of their dreams in just over 18 months by the age of 20, would you then believe that they may have something to tell you about transforming yourself, your life or the way you live?

Through my own life experiences, I’ve managed to transform not just one, but many seemingly separate aspects of my life and my identity from one extreme to the other and I soon came to understand that there was a very obvious theoretical philosophy apparent throughout them all.

It was learning and understanding this philosophy in which I came aware of that has allowed me to continue making rapid changes ever since I came of health to help me continue reaching heights I never could have dreamed of.

If you’ve found yourself slowly decomposing away at life, feeling victimised or merely just trudging through the habitual cycles, day after day, playing out the same thoughts, scenarios and experiences, continually in a depressing and seemingly never ending loop which you’ve finally had enough of then I welcome you to the opportunity to developing your spiritual guidance system and to personally realise and implement this same philosophy.

We can discuss anything you like:

• General health and wellbeing
• Mental health
• Financial stress
• Relationships
• Personal goals and success
• Careers and purpose
• And much more!

I will openly and honestly talk with you about anything you wish to discuss and get off your chest, gently but surely wedging whatever beneficial information where I can. 

If you bring up something I am not experienced with, whether personally or through clients, I will be honest from the start. That doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit, whether by getting the issues off your chest or just clearing your head and finding a new and improved perspective from just expressing it.

*Note that advice given through life coaching does not replace that of a physician, psychologist or other such as financial adviser. My advice, albeit personalised to you and your unique circumstances come from a general background that I have used to transform my own life and the lives of others and should be taken as advice rather than that of a formal rule set. More information about my experience can be found here and a full copy of our disclaimer is available here.