Our Mission

What makes us different, is that unlike modern-day health care, the focus at The Vitality Guru is to bring about an internal state of harmony in the body. Fundamentally working at the chemical core of all health issues and not just short-term focusing on easing a person’s symptoms—allowing the client to live in a state of vibrant health and well-being and not in a state of dissonance or disease.

The Vitality Guru is a 100% natural, holistic, homoeopathic and spiritual healing centre based around physical activity, nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and a range of other practices, for those looking for an alternative form of medicine. In essence, a unique new-age approach to healing and curing the body that doesn’t reject what science has to offer us in terms of knowledge and understanding, nor the ability to harness and manipulate the body’s energy system the way our spiritual ancestors did so in perfect harmony with the planet.

Science today is finally able to prove to us something our ancient ancestors already knew and utilised for centuries; how everything in this entire universe is nothing more than frequencies of energy. Every atom, molecule and particle that makes up everything in existence at its core is a vibrational frequency. What does this mean for you and me exactly? Well, it means that just like our ancestors, we can harness this power and focus it wherever we wish to, to good health, success, love, finance or whatever else it may be that would get you out of bed in the morning.

Science is also showing us that it is the vibrational frequency or resonance of our body that determines more than we could ever have imagined about not only our health but the experiences that come to us in life and how we view them. Our mood states, psychological health, functional ability and physical health state and even the dreams we hold onto and wish to create are all completely determined by our vibrational frequency.

In a more literal term, the chemical stimuli from our thoughts, emotions, physical movement, food consumption and other factors that cause a chemical change within the body, affect the entirety like a gigantic kinetic chain webbing throughout our entire body’s structure. That being, remaining in a low vibrational frequency will leave the body fatigued, in states of depression and physical illness of some or possibly many forms. Remaining in a state of high vibrational frequents will promote the bodies natural healing energies to keep the body in a state of vibrant health and vitality. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. A state of complete balance and harmony; vitality.