One-to-one training sessions allow you the opportunity to really up the effectiveness of your time working out, whether you’re new to exercise or already experienced, you can learn a handful of new techniques in as little as one session! Sessions could be goal orientated, focused towards a style of training or orientated around a sport of your choice for example, the choice is yours.

Injury Recovery

Whether you’ve recently just experienced an injury or you’re subject to the repeat problem of a certain issue, our injury recovery sessions focus our training specifically around the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments that surround the area to allow  you to speed up recovery and build resilience to future accidents

Group Training

Much like our one-to-one training, except you’re able to bring a buddy or two with you, a family member or partner. Working out with someone you know well is a great way to enjoy your time more, have a laugh, motivate each other and create a great, long-lasting bond between the group and towards health improvement.

As a personal trainer and exercise coach, it is my objective to work alongside you focused towards your physical health improvement. Many trainers utilise just this singular approach to sell simplistic, one-dimensional ‘bulk’ programs to a range of clients that not only have different goals, but different starting points also. With me, you get something a little different.

On top of guiding you towards your specified goal(s), whether you want to work on your strength, mobility, weight loss or something else entirely, I put your goal at the heart of my focus in a way that brings an overflow of benefits into all aspects of your life and your wellbeing. Teaching and guiding you towards obtaining overall wellbeing and vitality with full transparency.

What does this mean for you? It means that your physical progress from your training sessions carry out into your day-to-day life. Daily physical tasks become easier, you feel energised more so than you would exhausted, you’ll train in a manner that breeds psychological benefits and as well, you’ll notice many other health improvements that were never apparent from working out before.

Sessions can be done in a number of locations. I prefer to train most of my clients outside in natural environments as it allows for better and cleaner oxygen intake, creates a great environment to build functional weather conditioning and resilience and being in open spaces also holds a naturally calming effect on many people.
Sessions can also be done indoors if you would prefer/is more appropriate at your own home if the premises provides the ability to do so. Third-party arrangements may be possible to arrange and will become more readily available in the coming months.

Areas of focus:

• Functional strength
• Mobility
• Posture
• Balance
• Muscle Building
• Fat Loss
• Agility
• Speed
• Injury recovery
• Psychological improvement
• Overall wellbeing and vitality