Vitality Care Service

Have you been living with a long term, untreatable or acute physical, psychological or emotional health issue?

At The Vitality Guru, our main focus is predominantly set upon providing you with an indisputable quality of health care and support. We go absolutely above and beyond any public, private or other medical facility to cater for and address your unique and specific health-related concerns - addressing the sources of the issues and not the symptoms.

Through the use of personal fitness training, nutritional support, mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching sessions, we aim to provide the utmost best quality of palliative care (focused on quality of life) whilst simultaneously coaching you towards health improvement by exercising physical well-being, expanding self-awareness and working through a range of dysfunctional or destructive psychological patterns (habits) that may be hindering your progress!

Before anyone can begin to work on their goals and seek the appropriate treatment, it’s absolutely vital that a person understands what their needs, desires and goals are for their health and well-being. It’s likely however that you may not be too sure. Luckily, before anyone can take part in our on-going treatment scheme, you will be asked to take part in our Health Analysis Assessment where, with the help of your health coach you can begin to get a clear picture of what you want.

Alongside your detailed report, you’ll also receive your very own bespoke follow-on treatment plan to show you a direct route towards your goals. By following a strategic plan as opposed to attending irregular sessions, you are able to set a clear and detailed route towards your improvement, to avoid less set backs and to understand exactly what direction you should take and what is needed in order to achieve your goals effectively!

Even if you are yet to truly understand what your goals are, our Health Analysis Assessment offers you the opportunity to sit down, console and discuss what has been bothering you and with the help of a specialist coach, formulate a specific and concise plan to leave behind those old and outdated ways.


1) Book your Health Analysis assessment.
2) Attend your virtual Consultation.
3) Receive your unique Care Plan and discuss treatment options.
4) Begin your health transformation journey!

Costs / Pricing

Treatment Plans will vary between individuals and their personal requirements. Therefore each plan will vary in cost.

Each treatment plan will be made up of a combination of our various services over the course of your treatment period, made up of the following reduced rate:

Initial Consultation Assessment: £45

Treatment Plans:

One-to-One Sessions: £25
Virtual Session: £20

Follow-on Health Analyses: £30
(Inclusive every 6 weeks)