Meet Your Therapist

Most often, people make the assumption that I’m claiming to be a Guru in the sense of master, sage or enlightened person – I’m not, I would have to be way, way, way more arrogant to even consider doing so, if you’d like to learn more behind the meaning of ‘Guru’, click here.

My name is George Cook. I am a 21-year-old qualified PT, fitness and nutrition coach, who has self-educated as also a teacher of meditation and has helped support and coach many others through a range of other ailments outside of my normal spectrum. Furthermore, I am also a self-published author, YouTuber, web developer, graphic designer and human health activist from Bournemouth, UK.

Having lived throughout the challenges of complex mental health disorders, hereditary heart conditions, am immune system disorder and overall just a total lack of health for many years during my adolescence, I developed a strong passion towards understanding health, illness and the body. Far more often than not, there was often very little advice, support or guidance offered to me medically – there were lots of things that didn’t work, things that worsened my health and even conditions that were continuously left undiagnosed – and therefore untreated. 

Eventually as my symptoms only got worse – and my ability to cope with them declined equally – I reached a point in my life where I had to make a life-changing decision – do something or give up. Needless to say, I decided to do something – that something was to address my health myself and to devote every spare waking moment to finding the answers even if it takes a lifetime. To my own surprise, through addressing the mind and body through a holistic, natural and self-pioneered means taken from the work of thousands of scientific studies, philosophical practices and extensive personal trail I developed an insight towards healing, recovery and remission.

I believe, and actively live in awareness of the fact that the human mind and body capable of recovery far beyond what our first thoughts may often be when we’re trapped in a cycle of ill-health, and often far beyond what a money-orientated medical industry is going to inform us about. And I believe that because we are designs of natural design; not synthetic or man made that health resides in natures ways; through movement; through organic, nutrient-rich foods; through mineral-rich clean drinking water; through establishing a balanced level of mental stress and relaxation; through sociality and progression in life; in clean, unpolluted air; in herbs, plants and spices etc.

Of course you don’t have to take my word for it. Simply research the illness rates alongside the usage rates of medication since we became pharmaceutically dependent. Observe the levels of obesity and heart disease in America. Compare the quality of health between a person who supplements with synthetics vs someone who eats wholefoods. Study the depression and suicide rates of major ‘New World’ and highly repressed cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. Look at how normalised anxiety is in western culture. I could go on, either way I’m sure you get the gist. Things aren’t working out the way they’re being done.

Since my recovery, I have been nonstop studying books, articles, papers and the research of others furthering my knowledge outside of my own experiences into the ‘rabbit hole’ of controversy that has swarmed the industry of health and wellness. Be prepared to find nothing short of controversy when scouring my work, whether it’s my books, YouTube videos, blogs or social media posts, I speak what I believe is necessary regardless of what social stigmas exist against free expression and in favour of political ‘correctness’.

Alongside working as a health coach, I also aim to lead a global health revolution; a movement of inspiring the world to approach and address their health and wellbeing from a holistic, natural and empowering approach like I, and now many others have done – addressing our ways of life, behavioural factors, habits and environment more than we rely on medications, vaccines and other allopathic suppressant modalities commonly referred to as ‘treatment’.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I know, I’ve got a whole range of free and paid-for content available from social media posts, YouTube videos and blogs to books, guided meditations, courses, online programs and a Virtuality. If you’re interested in really aspiring towards good health; towards living a healthy, happy and rewarding life experience on your terms then I am available one-to-one both in person and virtually. Be sure to keep an eye out as well for upcoming events, classes, courses, seminars, workshops and more!