What is The Vitality Guru?

An Ideal

One thing I advocate as being extremely beneficial to our physical and psychological well-being is the idea of having an empowering ambition, goal or other motivator – an ideal to aim up to.

For me, being heavily invested into my health and well-being my ideal is that of ‘A Vitality Guru’ – an ideological state of physical, mental and emotional well-being coupled with the knowledge and wisdom to empower and guide others towards improved well-being.

A Philosophy

Solely via the inclusion of ‘guru’, you’ve probably worked out that there’s some hint of philosophy probably tied in somewhere – and you’re not wrong. Our logo reflects and represents a symbolic form of our philosophy: To live in a state of natural harmony (you can read more about our philosophy here).

You will likely notice no shortage of traditional healing modalities available including meditation, mindful practice and occasionally some practices of spiritual healing. You’ll find books on spirituality, self-awareness and mindfulness as well as free guided meditation sessions.

Furthermore (and this is where my own philosophical ‘nerdiness’ comes out), the origin of Guru within our name equates to much more than what it appears at first glance – the very essence of philosophy itself – meaning to say that although as part of my aim towards the ideal of having the wisdom and knowledge to guide others, the name also has a much deeper meaning which is ultimately why the company was given its name, which is:

‘Gu’ (in Sanskrit) = Darkness
‘Ru’ (in Sanskrit) = Light

‘Guru’ (‘गुरु’ in Sanskrit) = “Is a person who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and uses it to guide others. Literally a preceptor who shows others knowledge (light) and destroys ignorance (darkness).”

It is due to this deeply ingrained core meaning behind The Vitality Guru that you will find absolutely no shortage of controversy and possibly, if you’re quick enough to judge, things you may likely label as ‘conspiracy theory’ – which if you do then that is fine, I understand.

A Community

Looping back into the focus upon an ideal that I mentioned earlier; one of my core aims with The Vitality Guru is to build a strong, connected and empowered sense of community amongst everyone who is or becomes a part; whether professionally, through active involvement in projects or as part of the huge wave of force that has made such an ideal possible – you; the person who has found my content. You are what make this ideal a reality!

As a payoff for being a part of making one of my dreams a reality, I want to you to have the opportunity to realise and feel as much as a part of ‘The Vitality Community’ as you are if you wish to – whether that’s through active participation, following on social media, being a viewer of our content or other – since you’ve helped me in creating a sense of community, I want to make sure that such a sense of community is something worth being a part of.