COVID-19 Update

Inline with the new guidelines from the UK Government, we've taken the extra care here at The Vitality Guru to bring you the perfect opportunity to rebuild your health and well-being back up whilst maintaining all the safe and important coronavirus measures.

At The Vitality Guru, we believe that not only is health a vital necessity to a good life; but it is absolutely fundamental. At a time where our health is being threatened and our options are limited, I believe it’s our job to take responsibility into our own hands and do what we can for own well-being.

To accompany that, we’ve set up business in a new way, adapting to the changes and rolling with the times so we’re introducing a whole new range of socially distant services and procedures to allow you to keep on top of your health easier than ever!

Not only are we keeping up all of the most common personal training and meditation sessions going, we’re also introducing a range of new sessions including our Immunity Restoration Meditation, Stress Relief Meditation and Family Fitness Classes!

In short, we’ve found a way to make sure that all of your favourite personal training, fitness, meditation, coaching and consultation services are all still available to you thanks to our new social distancing policies, however we’ve had to make a few small changes:

Exercise sessions such as 1-to-1 training and Family Fitness can be held either at your own home or in a local recreation ground.

Meditation Sessions will be held locally in The Amethyst Cave on Southbourne high street with only one or two participants at any time.

Everything else such as our coaching, consultations, Health Analysis sessions as well as all paperwork will be dealt with virtually through the use of phone, video and/or email communication.

As well, we have adopted 4 new minor policy changes:

- 2m Social Distancing
- No Paperwork
- No Cash Handling
- No Contact