Health Coaching FAQ

"Is a Health Coach for Me?"

Whether you’re looking for some support because you’re not entirely sure you know what you need to do, where to start or whether or not you’re looking for the motivation to get things moving; the reason that one chooses to work with a health coach is an entirely personal decision.

Some of the more common reasons some people may choose to work with a health coach are:

  • To progress quicker and with less set backs, meaning you can hit and surpass your goals quicker.
  • To gain insight into what to do, how to do it and/or when to best apply certain principles.
  • To break the ice of wandering into the unknown territory of self-growth.
  • To have a guidance and support mechanism throughout your journey.
  • To benefit and gain the knowledge and experiences that your health coach holds.
  • To receive clarity among the confusion of knowing what’s good advice and what is not.
  • To learn the vital fundamentals of health, wel-lbeing and psychologial wellness.
  • To maintain a steady and consistent direction towards your own self-growth and healing.
  • To live a happier, healthier and more rewarding and successful life.


Who Should Seek Coaching?

Ultimately, anyone who wishes to take their health, happiness and personal success to new heights – to rise to the challenge of going against societies ‘norms’ of unhealthy consuming, perpetual negative thought patterns and the continual giving into the false idea that as a human being, you are inherently weak, incapable or otherwise ‘not enough’ that is the psychological the backbone of any marketing and advertisement campaign you’ve seen

If you are coming from a place of ill health...

We advise that any one who feels they are a long way off health and happiness in interested in working with us; we suggest working one-to-one either in person or virtually.

If you are coming from a place of good health...

Feel free to check out any of our free / paid for content across the site and its many social platforms first before you decide to move forward with your health.

If you are a health worker, carer or therapist of any sort...

Please feel free to get in touch directly if you would be interested in learning from, working with or getting involved alongside The Vitality Guru in some way.

We would be more than happy to have a chat!

"Soooo... What Can I Gain Here?"

I’ll be honest, a huge portion both my message as well as health and personal development as a whole is actually about getting rid of things more than it is about acquiring something as we may often believe. We often think this due to the way supplements, online courses, sportswear and fitness programs are often marketed.

The reality is far more simple; we need to let go, get rid or otherwise rid ourselves of all the things that are draining our health. This could be certain foods, relationships, habits, addictions, belief patters or ways of living for example. What’s often the challenge is that when we’ve been doing something for a while, or maybe our entire lives it’s very easy for us to normalise and rationalise that whatever we’re doing is ‘fine’ or ‘normal’.

What you gain working holistically alongside a health coach here at The Vitality Guru is that you are taught to stop trying so much about acquiring more and you’re taught to let go. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll pick up and learn a whole bunch of great tips, tricks, secrets and insights along your way but that’s not the focus. The focus is to eliminate toxicity, disease, illness, tightness, soreness, sadness, pain, discomfort or otherwise unpleasantness from the body, mind and spirit.

"Do I Need Coaching?"

No, of course not and I’m more than happy to remind you of that.

‘Need’ is a strong word, we need water, oxygen, food and sleep. We don’t need coaching. However, that doesn’t mean the presence of it cannot rapidly improve, transform and benefit our lives!

Personally, I like to remind people that good health doesn’t require high amounts of money, nor a range of complex and fancy pieces of equipment; it requires a small amount of re-education about our own bodies and minds alongside the willingness to implement what it learnt.

That doesn’t mean you will not benefit highly from coaching though – in fact it means the opposite, however the decision of whether or not it’s ‘worth it’ is something that I will leave up to you.  With coaching, not only do you get complete guidance towards making the changes you need the most effective and efficient way, you also get the personalised, unique and authentic nurture of one-to-one support.

You get a coach that will really invest in and value your needs and goals. You get empathy and devotion in helping you strive for your progress. You get genuine and direct support on any topic you’re focused upon. You receive the necessary discipline you may be lacking to begin with, the companionship of a friend and you get the knowledge of someone who has first-hand lived and grown from what is being taught.

Ultimately you get everything you could ever require to make the health and lifestyle changes you wish to see and you get it on-hand. Meaning no more testing out random things from the internet, no more having a lack of direction and certainly no more wasted money, effort or time! Whether it’s because you don’t know what to do, not sure how to do it or feel that you can’t or that you’ve just got too far to go. My promise is to prove you wrong.