Private Coaching

Whether you’re looking for support because you don’t know what you need to do, whether you’re just not sure how to do it or whether you feel that for some reason that you can’t, it is my intention is to prove you wrong. In fact my promise is to prove you wrong. I’ll be honest, a huge portion of the message that I want to get across is health improvement and personal development isn’t always about acquiring more as we are commonly taught through the marketing of things like supplements, online courses, better sportswear and mass-produced fitness programs we’re told we should do from a fitness magazine for example.

The vast majority of changes actually come from doing absolutely nothing at all, at least on the outside. What I mean by this is that all change and transformation is always about 80% psychological, 20% mechanical or physical. What stumps people is that we were never taught anything about our psychological nature or how to work with it so making a committed, long-term change often seems like a huge challenge when it’s really more about working with your mind and body rather than against it as people often try to do before giving up entirely.

This is where I believe private coaching comes in to benefit. With coaching, not only do you get complete guidance towards making the changes you need the most effective and efficient way, you also get the personalised, unique and authentic nature of personal support. You get a coach that will really invest in and value your needs and goals. You get empathy and devotion in helping you strive for your progress. You get genuine and direct support on any topic you’re focused upon. You receive the necessary discipline you may be lacking to begin with, the companionship of a counsellor and you get the knowledge of someone who has first-hand lived all that is being taught. The list could go on…

Ultimately you get everything you could ever require to make the health and lifestyle changes you desire and you get it on-hand, authentically and effectively. Meaning no more testing out crap on the internet, no more having lack of direction and certainly no more wasted money, effort or time! Whether it’s because you don’t know what to do, not sure how to do it or feel that you can’t or that you’ve just got too far to go. My promise is to prove you wrong.