With a keen interest in both psychology and neurology, I’ve always wanted to understand the functionality of the mind and brain in a way that promotes not only mental wellbeing, but physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing also.

Once I found that understanding, I had to formulate what I knew into a practical, reliable and beneficial exercise that can be used to help others to integrate the information.

Meditation gives exactly that. By allowing the opportunity to get you into a peaceful and relaxed state, not only does the mind become much more receptive to allowing the integration of beneficial information, but it also brings the perfect environment to develop self-control and to let go of unpleasant thoughts, memories, stress and other negative patterns that play a vital role in our wellbeing.

Although there will be variation from session to session, as well as client to client, there are 4 different meditations sessions available;

Chakra Cleanse

The chakras play a vital part in our wellbeing whether we believe in them or not. There are 7 main energy points (or chakras) located along the length of our physical body, that act both as a reference and a focal point for controlling the energetic flow throughout our body.

As we live our lives, it’s likely that our chakras can become disrupted or blocked and if we’re unaware, can remain like that for some good time. When a chakra becomes blocked, or the energy flow isn’t in alignment, it’s common to notice a range of physiological, emotional and psychological impairments or adversities come about.

By bringing our conscious awareness to our energetic flow, especially in the state of meditation, we create a perfect opportunity for a person to understand and develop a state of control over the flow of the body’s energetic system as well as the chance to consciously decide to bring the flow back into alignment for the purpose of wellbeing.


The term mindfulness (not to be confused with ‘mind-full-ness’) is a phrase that has since become a common practice for many people. As many of us are caught up in the stressful, systematic lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to, many of us live the vast majority of our lives having knee-jerk reactions to people, to situations, to circumstances and even to our thoughts.

Mindfulness is all about observation of the thoughts. As you learn to understand the nature of thoughts and how they work, you can learn and develop the necessary skills to observe your psychological habits rather than reacting to them and allowing them to control your life.

By detaching from our thoughts, we take away their power and we learn the art of emotional control. As you learn that you can consciously think and feel your way to joy, to peace and to clarity with ease, you leave behind the victim mindset where life is no longer happening to you and instead as the deliberate experiencer of life, you learn that life is happening in response to you.

Emotional Healing Ceremony

If there was one thing many of us have yet to understand or develop, something that we should have all had the opportunity to develop at an early age, is the ability to process and heal emotional wounds, commonly known as psychological and emotional trauma.

The reason it’s so important is that throughout our lives, no matter who we are or what we do, it’s impossible for us to completely hide away from unpleasant situations. We all face serious adversity and challenges through our exposure of contrasting life experience. There will be a time in everyone’s lives where something catastrophically tragic happens that may likely shape your entire life.

It could be something such as saying goodbye to a beloved pet or it could be something much more complex such as an intrinsic web of abuse. Either way, adversity will find all of us in different times and places and it will always shape us into the person we become. The problem is that none of us were ever taught how to process and release our emotional or psychological wounds so we hold onto them, bottle them and suppress them for far longer than we need to, causing them to continually affect us in our daily lives.

Unhealed emotional wounds often play out as emotional triggers; a common symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder, resulting in unexplainable bouts of anxiety, stress, paranoia and depression as an individual is continually reminded unconsciously of their suppressed thoughts, emotions and memories. Constantly causing them to notice how certain people, places, situations and experiences can make them feel extremely unsettled.

By going into a deep state of meditation, where the consciousness judgment and rejection factor of the mind is ‘put aside’, its much simpler to directly communicate with the subconscious memory system and bring any long forgotten, unhealed wound or trigger point to the surface with ease and create the opportunity for them to be expressed and released for good, bringing an everlasting sense of freedom and empowerment post session.

Spiritual Healing Ceremony

Like our chakra system, our spiritual wellbeing is a highly relevant part of our overall health whether we’re acceptant of its existence or not. Understanding that we all have spirit at the core of us, a force that is our source of life, it’s important that we align the way we live and behave in a way that promotes the wellbeing of such.

Known to bring about sensations of reverence and bliss; promising a full energetic clearance of your body, mind and heart, a new lease of life is known to come about rapidly to individuals who embark on a spiritual healing ceremony of any sorts. Cleansing the body of stagnant energy, clearing and aligning the chakras, releasing emotional wounds and developing interpersonal-spiritual communication are all common experiences of the Spiritual Healing Ceremony.

Our Spiritual Healing Ceremony is unlike any other. Directly communicating with the subconscious memory, the energetic systems of the body and the conscious source all together, unanswered questions, unhealed emotions and an energetic re-balance can all take place under one empowering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realignment ceremony.

Although each session varies dramatically from individual to individual in terms of what specific results may be received and what comes about following the session, it is promised to always be extensively uplifting and deeply inspiring at the very least. Our Spiritual Healing Ceremony is guaranteed to help bring you into your state of natural alignment where you can allow the healing abilities you possess to work in full force.

Where you can overcome and breakthrough whatever barriers have been holding you back, where you can deliberately focus yourself from stress to clarity with ease and where you feel the purposeful excitement for life experience as you came here to do to.